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Rainwater harvesting is a useful way to use this precious water resource which would otherwise be wasted - and it's free!

The average rainfall in the U.K. is over one metre per year.

The uses of an alternative economic water supply compared with costly "mains" not only saves you money but also aids flood prevention in urban areas and helps save our precious natural clean water supplies.

The first and most important consideration in designing any Rainwater Harvesting Scheme is the rainwater collection tank. This should be as large as possible to overcome any drought conditions especially if garden watering is one item you expect to carryout in times of a "hosepipe ban".

Rainwater by its very nature is not clean, it has traveled through our atmosphere therefore it needs to have some form of cleaning before it's potential can be realised. Down pipe filters are the easiest even if you are only filling a water butt.

To stop any water turbulence inside the tank when water enters, a calmed inlet should be fitted. This is most beneficial as the small debris on the bottom of the tank does not get agitated when water enters the tank.

Once the tank is full a skimmer is fitted, this does two jobs, it acts as an overflow and removes the surface debris floating on the surface of the water. This water can re-enter your down pipe thus avoiding extra flooding.

The water needs to be pumped to its point of use via pipework by a pump. For a domestic installation a Divertron is ideally suited as the motor contains an electronic device that enables the pump to start when the water pressure in the pipeline drops and, it switches the pump off when the flow of water stops, thus making the unit fully automatic. The pressure generated is enough to operate most garden sprinklers or to be able to do a multitude of tasks normally done with "mains" pressure.

For details of our Rainwater Automatic Submersible Pump, click here.

For details of our Rainwater - Mains Automatic Top-Up Leaflet, click here.

The items listed are only a very small part of the product we have available. Give us your ideas so we can turn them into reality. Whether it's for a flat in a great city, or an industrial estate, contact us. Phone the number below or click on the email link.

Rainwater Typical Storage Layout

Typical storage tank layout with down pipe filter fitted in the down pipe and skimmer as an overflow taking the excess water back into the down pipe.

Rainwater downpipe filter

Rainwater down pipe filters are available in grey, black, white and brown to blend with your colour scheme.

Rain water calmer

Calmed inlet, stops turbulence inside the tank.

Rainwater tank overflow and surface skimmer

Surface skimmer fits inside the water tank.

Divertron Submersible Pump from Amos

Divertron Automatic Submersible Pump.



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