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Sewage Treatment Stations

All you see of a 6 or 12 PE Sewage Treatment Station after installaion.

The picture above shows a 6 or 12 pe Sewage Treatment Plant after the garden has been landscaped. The picture on the right is below the galvanised cover. All of the servicing can be carried out by lifting the galvanised cover to expose the working parts.

Sewage Treatment Plant, 200pe  Installed

Landscaped area after the installation of a 200pe unit showing the control cabinet with air louvers and "no-air" alarm beacon.


Dispatched throughout the U.K.

Cost effective

Large selection of sizes

Final effluent pump fitted inside chamber

After sales service






Chart of Chamber Sizes

6 pe Sewage
Treatment Station

Sewage Treatment Plant 6 pe

The Treatment Plant above shows the 4" inlet on the left and the pump discharge on the right. Galvanised lifting eyes are fixed to the plant to allow the unit to be lifted into the hole previously dug by the digger so that no soil is knocked into the hole during construction.


Sewage Treatment Plant being despatched from factoory, 100pe

100pe Sewage Treatment Plant being dispatched from the factory for delivery to site.

Each enquiry is handled by our experienced sales team and treated individually. We make sure your sewage treatment station meets the Building Regulations and suits your ground conditions. Whatever the size of your building project we have the know-how to offer the right combination of treatment plant, discharge pump, access cover and accessories to make this part of your building project a success.


Sewage Treatment Size Chart

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