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Stuart Turner Piston Pump Leaflet

Stuart Turner

"A" type piston pump spares

All of these spares are genuine Stuart Turner spares, new and unused but having been on our shelves for a considerable time are "shop soiled" with age.

Back in the 1970's and 80's the "A" type pumps were the mainstay of our business being used on many Farms in Cornwall pumping water for the dairy herd and farmhouse. Now centrifugal pumps have replaced them but thanks to the many Rallies they can be seen working again.

All sensible offers considered, telephone Raymond Lewry on 01326-573341 or E Mail


Surplus Stock Sale

In compiling all lists on this page we have tried to be as accurate as possible with our description and parts lists, however due to the age of the items they may have been put into bins with wrong numbers over the years and we ask for your patience.

Stuart Turner Piston Pump Spares (priced each)

3 off Engine Mounting Brackets £58.24
2 off Electric Motor Mounting Brackets
32 off Motor Bracket Studs
1 off 9835A Motor Plate Tensioning Adjusting Bolts
2 off 712112 Engine Plate Tensioning Adjusting Bolts
16 off 07128 Motor Bracket Hinge-Pins
5 off 01656 Stuffing Cap Nuts
5 off 06461 Crankcase Side Covers £5.31
5 off 06456 Stuffing Box
3 off AF2 Boiler Feed Pistons and "O" Rings, complete
8 off 12451 Boiler Feed Valves
40 off 01426 Crankcase Bolts
40 off 10820 Crankcase Nuts (domed)
5 off 07119 Glands
6 off 00900 Crankshaft/Pulley Nuts
1 off 14150 Snifting Valve
1 off 13932E AF4 Piston
12 off Connecting Rod Little End Circlips
3 off 1/2" Drain Cock (for pressure set) £12.50
3 off AF1 Boiler Feed Pistons and "O" Rings
2 off 04395 A3 Piston £1.28
4off A3 Bucket Nut Washers
4 off 02601 Crank pin Bolt
6 off 07129 Crank pin Washer

1 off Part No. 12-50-16275 Copper Float for Stuart Turner float switch. £40.00

Low speed lubricated gland packing and leather piston cups of various sizes are part of our normal stock range.


Stuart Turner Centrifugal Pump Spares (priced each)

Service Kits
5 off Part No. 14-5--16358 for use with type 114 & 117 pumps £46.75
2 off Part No. 14-50-16537 for use with Monsoon pumps, types 30, 100, 40T, 80T, S903 & SRG50
1 off Part No. 14-5-16356 for use with Type 26 pumps £46.75

Motor Brushes
15 pairs of Part No. 21464B for use with No. 12 type C10.
£6.90 pair
7 pairs off Part No. 2054F for use with No. 12 type S, F1Z, 611Z, E11, E11B.
£8.90 pair
16 pairs of Part No. 21464H for use with C12
£7.40 pair
14 pairs of Part No. 21805B for use with No. 12 type 0C, 1C, 2C.
£8.38 pair

No. 12 Centrifugal Pump
32 off 21575 Pump Back plate with carbon/ceramic counterface £12.80
7 off 8927A Pump Bodies
2 off 12 volt D.C. Armatures c/w bearings
2 off 24 volt D.C. Coils
2 off 12 volt D.C. Coils
4 off Terminal Blocks
20 off Terminal Gland Plates
80 off Pump Back plate fixing bolts
10 off 12-50-15707 Mechanical Shaft Seal Kits
2 off Plastic H. S Impellers
2 off Impellers
30 off Impeller nuts and Washers £0.68

No. 10 Centrifugal Pump
4 off 240 volt A. C. Armature c/w bearings £30.00
1 off 240 volt A. C. Coil £26.60
1 off Plastic Impeller
3 off Brass Impellers
8 off Brush Holders
25 off Pump Back plate Gaskets

A few other Stuart Turner motor and pump parts are also available for items made before 1985

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Telephone: +44 (0)1326 573341. Fax: +44 (0)1326 572322. Email Email