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Sewage Pumps
for all types of applications.

All sewage pumps have a difficult life, being in a very hostile atmosphere handling everything that is flushed to them, that is why Amos Pumps have used them for many years, the well proven ranges on this page.

We supply sewage pumps for a wide range of applications from Domestic up to large scale housing, factory, caravan sites, tourist parks and anywhere that needs the movement of waste waters.

Sewage Pumps for Domestic
or Light Industrial Use

Ranger Vortex and Ranger MC Pumps

Both the Ranger and the Ranger MC range of pumps are suitable for domestic, light civil and industrial use in applications where the water contains soft suspended solids of up to 50mm in diameter. Their use is recommended for sewage disposal, septic tank draining, drying flooded area such as cellars, underground car parks or car washing areas. These pumps are outstanding in their reliability in fixed installations with automatic operation via a built in float switch.

Click for Ranger Technical Data
Click on image above for technical data of the Ranger Vortex range.

Click for Ranger MC Techical Data
Click of image above for technical data of Ranger MC range.

Titan free standing
and Titan pedestal mounted Pumps

These Titan series sewage pumps are made from exceptionally robust heavy-gauge cast iron, resistant to abrasion and are equipped with a vortex impeller.

For larger sewage installations such as hotels or industrial estates, or for flood prevention in underground car parks or tunnels the Titan series is available with heads up to 15 metres and flows of 850 litres per minute.

Click for Titan Technical Pedestal Data
Click of image above for technical data of Titan Pedestal range.

Click for Titan free standing techincal data
Click of image above for technical data of Titan Free Standing range.


Click for Sewage Packages Page
Some of our range of Pre-Assembled Sewage Pumping Packages with our range of sewage pumps inside.
Click on the picture to go straight to our Sewage Package page.



Click for Ranger leaflet
City Ranger Sewage Pump




Click for Titan leaflet
Titan Pedestal Mounted Sewage Pump

Click for Titan leaflet
Titan Free Standing Sewage Pump

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