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Godwin Pump

Godwin Pump Spares

Being an old English manufacturing company they have a great reputation for quality and long life as many have been in use for a generation supplying water to farms, estates and houses.

1 off ZA021 Connecting rod and caps OH1 £60.56
4 off ZA200 Valve spring keeps - 2" diameter OH1/2/3/4 £5.70
3 off ZA200 Valve spring keeps - 1 5/8" diameter OH0 £5.30
22 off ZA199 Valve seats - 1 9/16" diameter OH0 £8.90
2 off Crosshead in bronze (or similar material) model unknown but dimensions are 1 7/8"ht x 2 3/8"long x 1 1/2" wide
with a 5/8" hole for the small end of the con rod. £30.00
1 off Crosshead ditto as above, dimensions 1 5/8" ht. x 1 7/8" long x 1 1/4" wide with a 5/8" diameter hole. £20.00
2 off ZA019 Gudgeon Pin £15.60
3 off ZA023 Nut & bolt for Con Rod with split pins £4.09.
9 off ZA202 Valve Nuts £3.00
8 offZA245 Spring for by-pass relief valve (J3) £5.45
2 off ZA187 Nut for valve plate £1.25
2 off ZA167 Piston Rod £20.00
2 off Pulley Spindles (J3) £10.00
Also various gaskets and seals

All above items + VAT & carriage

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