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Water Pumps

A water pump for every purpose

The Amos Pumps stock range of water pumps includes pumps for domestic, agricultural and industrial use, being the major UK distributor for the City range of pumps we can dispatch many models within 24 hours. Our sales team have many years of experience to help source the right unit for your job. Shown here are just a few of the pumps we supply.

Jet Pumps
Self-priming centrifugal water pumps capable of high pressure and medium flow.


Jet JS 08 and Jet JS 10H Pumps
Powered by a 0.8HP motor, the Jet JS 08 offers a maximum water head of 47m; maximum water flow is 50 litres per minute. The Jet JS10H has a 1.0HP motor, giving heads to 56m and maximum flow of 50 litres per minute.


Jet 150 and Jet 200 Pumps
A 1.5HP motor gives the Jet 150 a maximum head of 63m; maximum flow is 85 litres per minute. Similar in size, the Jet 200's 2.2HP motor can achieve a greater maximum flow rate: 150 litres per minute.


Jet 05SS, 08SS and 10HSS Pumps
With stainless steel pump bodies, these compact units have attractive performance figures: maximum head, 35m, 47m and 56m; maximum flow of 50 litres per minute.

Download Technical Specifications

For detailed technical specifications of each pump, just click on the picture and a pfd file will open.


Download Jet leaflet

Jet 100 Pump

Jet 150 Pump

Jet 80 Pump


Peripheral Pumps
Brass pumps with excellent performance characteristics and high temperature options with Viton seals.

PM46, PM81

PM46 0.7HP pumps are often incorporated into small-scale pressure sets. They can pump 35 litres of water a minute, or achieve a head of
40 metres. The 1.0HP PM81 has a maximum head of over 50 metres, and is ideal where substantial pressure is required at low to medium flow.

PM46 Peripheral Pump



City ICB Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pumps

City ICB100, 150, 200
Twin centrifugal brass impellers achieve high maximum pressures: CB 100, 6 bar; other models, 10 bar. Maximum heads and flows: 44m, 86 l/min; 56m, 110 l/min; 60m, 125 l/min.
City IC50, 100, 150
Budget pumps which still perform impressively. IC150, brass impeller; other models Noryl.
Maximum heads and flows: 22m, 102 l/min; 34m, 112 l/min; 41m, 118 l/min.

Cith IC Centrifugal Pump
Speed submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Speed Range

The Speed series is suitable for draining clear water without abrasive particles. The construction guarantees simple and safe operation due to the complete cooling of the motor by the pumped water and the double seal design. They are recommended for emergency draining of small flooded areas (rooms, cellars, garages), for the disposal of waste water in the home (dishwasher, washing machine) and for emptying drainage traps or the liquid side of septic tanks.

City Speed Vortex Submersible Pump

Speed MOP

The Speed MOP series is suitable for draining clear water without abrasive particles. Their ability to drain water down to 2 millimeters from the floor makes them ideal for emergency domestic use of small flooded areas and in all those applications where maximum drainage is required.

Speed MOP Submersible Pump
Ebara Idrogo

Well pumps

Hydro well pumps
City Hydro and Ebara Idrolo submersible well pumps are quiet units, fully submersible to 20m deep. The pump is situated below the motor, which is cooled by the pumped liquid even when operating in shallow water. The well pump comes with 20 metres of cable attached and an automatic float switch to stop the pump if the well or container becomes empty. A wide range of models are available with various heads and flows.

Borehole Pumps have a special page,
click here. Borehole Pumps.

City Hydro Well Submersible Pump

Progressing cavity pumps

Mono Pumps
Quiet, self-priming pumps having a helical rotor turning within a double-helix stator of double pitch. Ideal for fluids of varying viscosity such as waste oil and for fluids containing random small solids. Lifts to 50m and flow rates to 7,000 litres per minute. These can be used for water and various other types of materials such as raw sewage, jams, slurry etc.

Click here, to go to our special Mono Pumps page.

Mono M range pumps

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