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Pressure sets and automatic pump control

These compact pressure boosting sets comprise of a water pump and controls to increase the poor pressure of potable or clean water to equivalent mains pressure for many uses such as domestic or agricultural water supply, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, car washing or connecting to industrial process machines. The water pressure can be adjusted within the limitations of the pump for even greater flexibility and to individual requirements. Water can be used from wells, tanks, shallow boreholes, spring catchments and harvested rainwater.

Their versatility and ease of installation lend themselves to 1001 uses, all being economical to run and inexpensive to buy.

1: PM46 Pump with PressControl. Such an arrangement is useful where space is limited and no buffering of supply is needed.

2: City IC50 Water Pump carries a compact 24 litre vertical pressure vessel as a quiet, economical domestic pressure-boosting set.

3:Jet 50 above a 20 litre Horizontal Vessel allows an alternative configuration. It has purpose-designed brackets so that the pump can be mounted on top. A braided pressure hose is required to link the two.

4: Twin Vertical Multistage Pumps. The 2GP Ebara pressure booster sets, in standard versions, can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, namely for: water lifting or handling,cooling, heating, irrigation, washing systems. The liquid carried can be: clean water, drinking water, rainwater, well water, mixed water, provided it does not contain solids or fibres in suspension and is free of aggressive chemical substances. The pressure vessel will be sized to suit the application and will be sited alongside.

5: The GPE unit is designed to work with one pump controlled by a frequency converter VLT (inverter) whilst the others are triggered directly. The thus-configured unit can be used to keep pressure in the water main constant. As mains pressure varies, the pump controlled by the VLT (inverter) varies its speed of rotation to restore pressure to the set value. If the amount of water being drawn exceeds the pump’s capacity, the second pump is triggered directly and, at the same time, the VLT-governed pump enters control mode to keep water pressure at the set value. The same goes for all the unit’s component pumps. When drawing has stopped, the VLT-governed pump reaches minimum rotation value and then stops after a few minutes, making for considerable energy savings.

6: Press-O-Matic. Inverter for electric pump control. It controls the starting and stopping of the electric pump and modulates the motor rotations according to the water request from the system.
• Constant pressure due to motor pump speed regulation
• Energy saving due to less pump absorption
• Gradual pump start and stop reduces hammering and avoids breakaway starting current
• Protection against dry running in event of water shortage during intake
• Automatic reset in event of dry running, with autonomous error condition recovery
• Efficient leakage monitoring to protect pump in event of repeated restarts
• Digital pressure display
• Motor over current control
• Operation/error status signaling via LED's and on-screen alerts
• Operation in master/slave configuration into twin booster sets
• Double set point with remote control option
• Remote start and stop of electric pump
• Rotation direction inversion via software (it does not require wiring
• Extractable terminals to facilitate wiring

7: City Jet 15 above a 100 litre Horizontal Vessel. This compact unit is suitable for the pressurization of water for a large house, small hotel or farm with animals. Being a single unit it only needs to be floor fixed, plumbed and wired for electricity to be fully operational.

City Jet 15 mounted above a 100 litre tank

7. City Jet 15 mounted on a 100 litre horizontal vessel making this a high powered unit taking the minimum of space.


1: A PressControl coupled with a PM46 Pump

City IC50 pump with 25 litre tank above

2: City IC50 Pump and 24 litre vertical vessel

City Jet stainless steel pump above a 25 litre pressure vessel

3: Stainless Steel City Jet Pump mounted above a 20 litre vessel.

Ebara Twin Booster Set

4: Ebara Twin Booster Set using vertical multistage pumps.

Ebara Inverter Pumpset

5:GPE Unit controlling 3 pumps.

Press-O-Matic Inverter Pump Control

6: Press-O-Matic, individual motor inverter.


Table showing details of Pressure Sets available in the single pump
range using single phase motors mounted above horizontal pressure vessels.

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