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Water, Pure and Simple

Even the purest borehole or well water requires water treatment as it may contain suspended solids that must be removed before the water can be used. Amos filters do the job, and are simplicity itself to use. They are ideal as a pre-filter before UV disinfection (see below).

Debris Filtration

Amos Pumps' Filter elementsAmos filters remove suspended solids down to 5µ. They are supplied in standard water industry sizes: 3in and 4½in diameter, 9¾in long. Activated carbon and ceramic versions are available to improve water taste and odors, and remove heavy metal content and excess chlorine.

Filters are housed in filter bowls supplied in complete kits comprising bowl, plastic-coated steel wall bracket, bowl spanner and isolating valves.

Ultra-violet Disinfection

Ultra-violet disinfection is a non-chemical water treatment destructive to micro-organisms. It is the best way to provide drinking water from well or borehole. After filtration to remove solids, the water is passed through the UV unit, where it is irradiated with ultra-violet light. This achieves safe, effective and chemical-free control of bacteria and viruses.

Amos recommend model 30/3P for most domestic installations. It has a throughput of 19 litres a minute at up to 10 bar.

Units are supplied complete with control box and are ready to wire and plumb in.

Water Treatment

Amos Pumps' acidity control unitUpland and rural properties and businesses are among those most likely to be situated beyond water companies' distribution areas, where a private supply from a borehole is necessary.

They are often also in districts where the ground water is more acid than the desirable neutral pH 7.0.

Damage to equipment
Corrosion damage to pipes and fittings will occur where water's pH value is 6.5 or below. Water cisterns and boilers are particularly vulnerable.

As the pH reading falls, corrosion increases rapidly. So does the likelihood of heavy metals and other chemical impurities being found in the water. Iron and manganese, for example, are common in acid West Country aquifers.

Moderate acidity is easily adjusted with an Amos control unit: a cylinder containing an activated limestone-based medium balanced according to the precise acidity of the water, as revealed by professional analysis. The water percolates through the medium, which dissolves over a period of time in the acid in the water, neutralising the supply.

At intervals, the medium must be renewed.

Heavy metals
Laboratory analysis can reveal undesirable minerals in ground water. Among them are compounds of iron, manganese, lead, aluminum, copper and arsenic, as well as nitrogenous fertiliser run-off in agricultural areas.

These substances can be removed from borehole water in a similar way: media which attract the offending minerals are included in a second control unit. As the water flows through the unit, the impurities are retained within the media, so that they do not pass on to storage or consumption.

Regular backwashing to waste is necessary to remove the impurities from the unit and refresh the medium. Equipment to do this automatically can be included in the system.

Treatment may also be required to increase the acidity of hard or alkine water. Contact our engineers for information on commercial and domestic water-softening plant.

Compact and easy to install

Amos Pumps' UV and filtration unit

A standard Amos ultra-violet and filtration unit suitable for domestic use. Water flows through the blue filter bowl, right, containing a filter element which removes particles, and then through the horizontal UV disinfection tube where it is disinfected.

To install the unit, the householder has only to connect the water supply at one end and for distribution at the other; and a power supply to the control box, top.

We can also supply Aquada U/V units which are mounted vertically.


Trade terms
Amos' own expertise and direct links with laboratories and manufacturers of specific products are an assurance of the best trade terms on selected, reliable equipment to suit your requirements.

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