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Mono - from Amos Pumps

Amos Pumps are authorised to supply the full range of products from Mono Pumps, leading manufacturers of progressing cavity pumps.

The supply also extends to Mono's other products, including genuine Mono parts, Munchers, screening equipment and packaged pumping systems.

Progressing cavity pumps

The progressing cavity pumping principle has been proven through many years of experience. The correct application of Mono pumps can give extremely long, trouble-free life.

Mono manufacture pumps with flows ranging from 10 litres per hour to 420,000 litres per hour. Each installation is chosen to match the exact requirements of the customer. Applications include:

  • Digested sewage sludge
  • Primary and secondary sludge's
  • Filter pressed sludge
  • Water supply
  • Carbon slurries
  • Chlorine
  • Lime
  • Acids
  • Polyelectrolyte dosing

Packaged pumping stations

Mono's systems are ideal to supplement Amos' own range of package pumping stations where particularly long pipe runs are required. By combining the benefits of progressing cavity pumping with efficient macerators, you are buying a package that can offer advantages over submersible pump sets.

  • Small bore pumping for lower installation costs and reduced risk of septicity
  • Above-sewage, "dry" location of pumps with no sump entry risk; no hauling pumps out of sumps
  • Low wear rates and optimum running time
  • Duty and stand-by sewage pumps, integral control, all completely pre-plumbed and pre-wired

Munchers and screens

The Mono Muncher is ideal for the maceration of solids to protect submersible pumps from blockage; disintegration of extracted screenings before treatment; and to finely macerate sludge's to improve digestion plant efficiency.

Mono's range of screens are self-cleaning and require no routine maintenance.

Applications include storm overflow screening, water abstraction and inlet works screening.

An industrial progressing cavity pump from Mono

Progressing cavity pumps

Progressing cavity self-priming pumps are powered by a helical rotor turning within a double-helix stator of double pitch. The cavity between them moves from one end of the pump to the other as the rotor turns, drawing in fluid at one end and driving it out of the other.

These units are powerful, and can be a wise choice where sewage or other non-homogenous fluid is to be moved substantial distances.

Mutrator sewage pumping system installed to transfer waste water to the main line sewer

Typical Muncher and screening package for the protection of submersible pumps

Grifter Packaged Pumping Station installed to handle sewage from five toilets, sinks and showers at a busy tourist development

Monobloc B range pumps installed to transfer ground water with high manganese content

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