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Pre-assembled Sewage Packages and Sewage Pumps

Amos Pre-assembled Package Sewage Pumping Stations are increasingly specified by architects working on small, medium or large developments to provide the complete answer to sewage-pumping problems.

In tune with Amos' policy of making life easy for our professional customers, units are shipped complete with all internal pipework and ready to install, with all parts pre-assembled where possible, and full instructions to minimize installation and commissioning time. Package Diagram

Everything is supplied for full float switch control, whether the chamber is to be used for occasional storm-water management or non-stop handling of raw sewage from the home, camp site, hotel or industry.

Amos are not tied to any pump supplier. this means that our engineering staff are ideally placed to assist specifies in identifying the right pump for every job, whether a substantial grinder is required or something less sophisticated.

Sump drainage
Sump drainage can be achieved wherever water or other effluent builds up, such as inadequately drained cellars or vehicle inspection pits. Pump choice depends on the quantity of fluid to be removed, its depth and its nature.

In addition, an artificial sump can be created using a "pump in a box" - a small version of the chambers described above, into which waste from, say, a shower in a granny flat might be fed before being pumped up and into a main domestic drain. Contact our sales engineers for more information.

Vehicular loading

If a package sewage chamber is to be installed where vehicular traffic is possible, a vehicular-loading access cover must be fitted with a structure to support the weight, this must be designed by a structural engineer and installed to his specifications.

Pump options

Amos engineers are ideally placed to help specifies make the right choice of pump for each project. Pumps range from the Speed Range for smaller, clean water installations or those with limited soft-solids-handling requirement such as septic tank effluent or cellar drainage to substantial grinder units capable of shredding quantities of fibrous waste.

After Sales
The Amos Approved Service Engineers based around the U. K. are equipped to carry our commissioning, routine maintenance and service contracts to keep your pumping equipment in first class order.

* As well as our own range of package sewage stations and City submersible pumps, we offer a full range of progressing cavity pumps and other equipment from Mono Pumps. Click Mono Pumps in the navigation panel, above left, for more details.




Designed for those "hard to get at" places the SAR11 Range comprises of two models. SAR11-230 is the smallest measuring 600 wide x 800 long x 1010, the larger one is the SAR11-500 measuring 1200 x 800 x 1010. Both contain the City 2" Ranger pump controlled by floatswiches.

If your site is really restricted in space and you need a special tank made, or some variation not shown on this page, then call our sales office for a special quotation.

Popular Sewage Pumps

A typical domestic installation might use a Ranger MC10 pump in cast iron and stainless steel. This model offers heads to 10.7m. Its single-vane stainless steel impeller can handle soft solids to 50mm, making it ideal for sewage disposal.

Click for Sewage Pumps page
A reliable 1HP, single-phase motor is controlled by an adjustable, integral float-switch. Output is through a standard 2in female BSP outlet.

For larger sewage installations such as hotels or industrial estates, or for flood prevention in car parks or tunnels the Titan series is available with heads up to 15 metres and flows of 850 litres per minute.Click for Sewage Pumps page
Free standing version is also available.

Many other models and types of pumps are available to be used in out packages.




Amos' choice of models

SP1000 Range

SP1010 Sewage  Package from Amos Pumps

The SP1010 Package is 1 metre high x 1 metre diameter with a 500 litre nominal capacity.

Our most popular chambers are the SP1015 and the SP1020. They are designed for typical households.

SP1015 Sewage Pumping Chamber by Amos Pumos

The SP1015 is 1.5 metres high x 1 metre in diameter with a 900 litre nominal capacity.

SP1020 Pre-assembled Amos Pumps Sewage Pumping Station

The SP1020 is 2 metres high x 1 metre in diameter with a 1200 litres nominal capacity.

The SP1000 range of chambers (above) can be supplied in two versions: with pumps on top release couplings or fitted on guide rails. Smaller, lighter pumps are easily lifted on the top-release coupling enabling ease of installation and maintenance. Larger, heavier pumps are best mounted on guide-rails.

For applications where a larger storage capacity is required we can manufacture packages up to 3 metres in diameter and 5 metres in height. These packages have box section steel tubes inside box section Propylex to act as reinforcement making a very strong chamber. If the situation requires a chamber to be above ground, it can be reinforced to take the extra pressures. Horizontal configuration can also be made with one, two or three turrets for access.
Ask our sales office for details.


If your requirements are not as shown and you require a specific package, we can manufacture them to meet your needs.

Waste material package

The package above is 2 metres in diameter and 500mm deep, it was made to contain an insecticide mixture and the pump was selected to be suitable for the liquid.

Horizontal Package
This is one of our 2 metre high packages mounted horizontally with sewage pumps inside. Our customers site had a layer of hard rock close to the surface which precluded a deep excavation yet fulfilling the need for large storage.

Special Rectangular Sewage Pumping Chamber

This special rectangular chamber was designed and built to be installed in an inner courtyard who's only way in was through the front and rear window of a house. This chamber was measured to pass through the smaller of the two windows. Twin pumps were fitted inside.

Pedestrian galvanised steel covers to "FACTA classA". Other grades of cover are available on request.

Pedestrian Covers for Amos Pumps Sewage Chambers



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